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Environmentally friendly metalworking fluid made in Swedish

For more than 30 years we have developed our metalworking fluids together with Swedish raw materials to meet the demands of the future.
BioCut is currently available in different variants of vegetable oil, in order to give you maximum performance for your processing.
All our production takes place in the pearl of Sweden, Helsingborg.
Let us together create a more sustainable future for the industry.


About Us

In 1989, Chemirol AB was founded with the idea of ​​creating a vegetable-based metalworking fluid. After four years of development, the company was proud to present one of the first vegetable cutting fluids on the market – BioCut.

The company has refined the product over the years and today has most recognized products on the market. We are constantly investing in the development and sustainability of our products, for the engineering industries to have the opportunity for the best working environment. We only use renewable raw materials, and the basic idea is to always have an environmentally friendly thinking.

-Bengt-Åke Beng, owner and founder of Chemirol AB

Metalworking fluids

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Environmentally friendly

Our metalworking fluid are based on vegetable oils.

Low consumption

High lubricity means lower consumption of metalworking fluids

Made in Sweden

We manufacture all our metalworking fluids in Helsingborg!

No dangerous substances

No formaldehydes, secondary amines, boron and mineral oil. This makes our products very gentle.


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