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In 1989, Chemirol AB was started with the idea of creating a vegetable-based metalworking fluid. After four years, the company could proudly present one of the first vegetable-based metalworking fluid on the market – BioCut.

The company has refined the product over the years and today has most recognized products on the market. We are continuously investing in the development and sustainability of our products, for the engineering industries to have the opportunity for the best working environment. We only use renewable raw materials, and the basic idea is to always have an environmentally friendly approach.

-Bengt-Åke Beng, owner and founder of Chemirol AB

The company was founded on the idea of creating an environmentally friendly metalworking fluid that ensures sustainable development.


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Searching for distributors

Hello,   We at Chemirol are growing and are now searching for resellers in Europe. To come in contact with us please email to info@chemirol.se   We can offer: Full Metalworking…
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Now in english!

Hello, We have now launched our new website! We are still working on getting our website in English but for now, the products are still in Swedish.  
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